About me

Hi, my name is Pim Heitkamp. I’m 25 years old and a fourth year Art and Technology student at Saxion University in Enschede. During my study I learned to work with a lot of different programs and on a lot of different projects. I learned the basics of photography, filming, web design, programming, sound editing, 3D modeling, coding in flash and html and of course how to work with the Adobe package. In addition to that I had lessons in advertisement branding and workshops in brainstorming.

I like to do anything where I can put my creativity to use. During my study I received a lot of praise from fellow students for my ideas. Fellow students regularly asked me if I could help out in brainstorm sessions. This also resulted in great results when making projects for actual clients. From the three projects during my study in which we had to pitch our concepts to real clients and convince them our concept was the best we won the challenge.

During the third year of my study I did my internship at SpilGames. It was here that I found out that making games was what I most enjoyed doing. Working in a team with other people to create a good game is fun and challenging, and it made me focus the rest of my study on working on skills to improve my knowledge on this subject.

In my free time I like to draw and play computer games. I also love to travel. Between my study at Art and Technology and high school I went on  a trip through Australia. This was one of the reasons which made me make the decision to do my study in English. Getting input from people with a different background and culture can be really inspiring.