SpilGames internschip

During my third year of Art and Technology I did an internship at SpilGames as a level designer within the in-house studio that was later turned into Suncake Studio. The goal of this studio was to make high quality casual games.

WorldSuite games

I was working in the world suite team where I made in total about 70 levels for the following games which are currently online and playable.

bubble magic dragonflow copy

  Bubble WorldMagic Solitaire WorldFruit Fever World.

(Click on the name or pictures to go to Zibbo.com and play the game.)

To each of the three games there was one level designer assigned who was responsible for the levels and the quality of the games. And for each batch of levels I created, I reviewed it with the level designer for that game. Having a look at the workflow and the ideas of all three designers gave me a broad insight into methods and ways to efficiently create interesting and original levels.


The Dragon Flow

In my last month as an intern of SpilGames I was approached by the HTML5 team. They urgently needed a level and game designer to help on their new game The Dragon Flow. Within a week I had to make the decision on the final design and 30 level designs.
  The Dragon Flow 

To do this fast, I first made a quick schematic/grid of the maximum height and width of a level. This was based on research on how big most similar games have to be so they can be played properly them on tablet or phone. I made this schematic to be able to print out and design levels by hand, since the game was in a stage too early for levels to be made in game. Before starting with designing the levels I check which game elements I will have available to me, how I want to spread them throughout the game and how many levels I approximately want to have with which elements. Then I start creating level designs on paper. A big advantage of working on paper is that after designing the levels it is easy to move them around and design the difficulty flow.

I am very satisfied with this game since it is the first game online for which I was completely responsible for the level design.