Other projects

The study of Art and Technology I follow is a very broad study. The first two years you get lessons in all sorts of disciplines ranging from photography and drawing to webdesign and the basics of coding. The last two years you specialize and do a minor.

During these years I had lot of projects other than game projects which you will be able to see in this section. Even though they are not directly related to gaming they still gave me a lot of knowledge and experience which contribute to my skills as a game and level designer.



Drawing and concept art

concept art, crossbow and swort in 1test4test picture 2test7

Having decent drawing skills is always a nice thing to have as a level designer. It is a great tool to help explain yourself better to teammates and make sure you all have the same idea in mind. It is also useful to help out on small art related tasks or to be able to help artists if they are stuck and they need someone else to take a look at their work. The lessons and practice gave me an advantage of being able to give useful tips and insights.

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Slave new World

SAM_0017SAM_0010SAM_0032final gamebord

Slave new world is a board game I made with a team in a project for school. Making a board game comes pretty close to making a video game in terms of all the tasks you have to go through and the team setup.

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Filming projects

Capture3 Capture2 Capture

The filming projects I did at school might not seem to have extra value to a game designer. But a lot of the time I had the role of director. Being able to steer a team, give instructions and plan your activities is a great skill for a game designer. It also gave me a lot of insight in timing, animations and sound which are of great value.

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3D modeling

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 1.36.06 PM

Some skills in 3D modeling can always be of use to a game designer.

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Photoshop assignments

me and megan text poster 26kopie mja 6

Photoshop to me is a really useful (if not essential) tool to have some skill with as a level/game designer . With it you can easily make schematic images to enhance your game design documents, help out the art department, scale or re-size images if needed or make preview levels in an early stage of the development process.

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concept development

beker  9Winning foto 2    logo thij spelen

I did a minor in concept development, which you will have to do a lot as a game designer.

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