Filming projects

During my study I participated a lot in projects involved with filming and video. Here you can watch a few of them.

Nothing to Offer

This assignment was made for the Wilminktheater in Enschede. It was made in a group of four people. We had to make a viral movie to target a young target audience. The viral had to be on the edge but had to be decent enough to not damage the image of the client. During the whole project we kept in touch with our client and made sure this wasn’t the case. There were 14 other groups working on the assignment and in the end we had to pitch our concept and viral to the client to convince them ours was the best. We won the challenge and the client really used our viral in the end. Enjoy watching !

Together with the team we developed the concept. When producing the viral itself I was responsible for the editing and post-production.

Cold case : Call to witness 

For this assignment we needed to make a pilot for a crime solving program. It had to be  like Opsporing Verzocht, a Dutch television show which reconstructs a crime and asks people for hints. The problem is that this television show doesn’t reach enough young people and thereby isn’t effective enough on its own. Our task was to make a show that appeals to this target group. Most groups tried to solve this by turning the program into an action movie. I wanted to try something else. Since talkshows were very popular at the time, I tried combining these with the show. The project was made in a group of four people. I was responsible for the script, directing and producing (arranging and planning the shooting days and locations). Have fun watching.



Foly pig

This assignment was made together with a group of four people. We had to record sounds ourselves and add it to an animation.


Saxion Wars 

One of my first projects filming, together with a group of six people. We made a fun movie about our school where the fantasy world comes to live. Making this movie was a group effort. We all worked on the story, filming and acting. But the editing and post production was done by Max Kloosterman.